Product details Product Code S8991TWT3
Width 90
Dimensions and weight Depth of Product without handle 610
Height of the product 2050
Width of the product 899
Net Weight 187
Technical data Climatic class SN/T
Temperatures Climatic compartments 3
Compartment 1 / Upper temperature (min) [°C] 4
Compartment 1 / Upper temperature (max) [°C] 18
Compartment 2 / Middle temperature (min) [°C] 4
Compartment 2 / Middle temperature (max) [°C] 18
Low Temp Zone NO
Compartment 3 / Low temperature (min) [°C] 4
Compartment 3 / Low temperature (max) [°C] 18
Compartment 1 / Wine cellar temperature (min) [°C] /
Compartment 1 / Wine cellar temperature (max) [°C] /
Compartment 2 / Wine cellar temperature (min) [°C] /
Compartment 2 / Wine cellar temperature (max) [°C] /
Trimode bottom drawer temperature (min) [°C] /
Trimode bottom drawer temperature (max) [°C] /
Functions Reversible door NO
Type of shelves WOOD
No. of schelves 9
EvenLift NO
Fridge drawers type /
No. of drawers 0
Door bins 0
Freezer functions Freezer drawers 1
Ice maker NO
Aesthetics Installation mode FULLY INTEGRATED
Compressor position BOTTOM
Front finish CUSTOM PANEL
Interior material finish Stainless Steel
Accessories Stainless steel side panels YES
Stainless steel tubolar handless 30mm YES
Water filter cartridge NO
FLD - Fhiaba Link Device YES
Painting NO
90° Door stop YES
Wine cellar accessories Wine kit YES
Cheese drawer YES
Set of knives YES
Prosciutteria kit NO
Energy label Energy class G
Energy consumption [kWh/year] 194
Compartment 1 (volume) 247
Compartment 2 (volume) 131
Compartment 3 (volume) 128
Total Net Volume [L] 506
Noise Level 41

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