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Exclusive details

  1. TriPro™ Refrigeration
  2. TriMode™
  3. Water filter
  4. OptiView™
  5. EventLift™
  6. ProVent™
  7. Energy efficiency
  8. Antibacterial Stainless Steel Interiors
  9. Humidity Control
  10. Total No Frost
  11. Ice Maker
  12. SuperIce™
  13. Ice Size
  14. EquiLance™
  15. Soft-closing System
  16. Anti-Vibration
  17. Fhiaba TFT Display Full Colour
  18. Vacation
  19. Shopping
  20. Natural wood shelves
  21. Triple-layer glass door
  1. Tripro Refrigeration_DeoFoto-0041_1.jpg

    TriPro™ Refrigeration

    TriPro™. Maximum freshness is guaranteed when each food product is preserved at the correct temperature. This is the philosophy behind Fhiaba’s triple refrigeration system. Two stateof the-art compressors and three evaporators ensure continuous operation, energy savings and maximum silence.

  2. TriMode_DeoFoto-0299_cmyk.jpg


    Fridge, fresh food or freezer: simply select the desired mode through the Fhiaba Access™ menu to modify the operating mode of the bottom drawer. A unique and versatile function that makes our food preservation system extremely flexible to manage.

  3. DeoFoto-0377_1.jpg

    Water filter

    The integrated water filter system is positioned in the low-temperature refrigerator, which helps guarantee bacteria free water. With the integrated ice-maker, an automat ic cleaning cycle eliminates any stagnation in the filtration system and thus ensures excellent quality of ice.

  4. OptiView_DeoFoto-0339.jpg


    The OptiView™ lighting system uses modern LED technology to ensure an optimal view of the interior. Ten LED arrays light the refrigerator compartment from above, while 7 individual spot lights illuminate distinct areas of the fridge and fresh food compar tments and TriMode™ drawer.

  5. evenlift 0T.jpg


    Sliding shelves on Fhiaba’s patented EvenLift™ system can be adjusted to any height in the fridge compartment without removal. The interior of the refrigerator is quickly modified with ease and speed.

  6. ProVent_DeoFoto-0047.jpg


    Fhiaba’s ProVent™ ventilation system encourages uniform distribution of cold air in all fridge compartments by laterally circulating air. The system maintains uniform temperature throughout allowing for better food preservation conditions.

  7. Efficienza Energetica_DeoFoto-0160_cmyk.jpg

    Energy efficiency

    Fhiaba guarantees the high energy savings and ever increasing respect for the environment.

  8. Interni in acciaio inox antibatterico_DeoFoto-0307_cmyk.jpg

    Antibacterial Stainless Steel Interiors

    The stainless steel interiors are mechanically treated to reach ‘zero porosity’ and to prevent the spread of bacteria. Absence of corners and crevices makes clea refrigerator is quickly modified with ease and speed.

  9. Humidity Control_Still-life sigari UC.jpg

    Humidity Control

    The Fhiaba Access menu enables the preferred humidity level to be chosen, between high, medium and low, ensuring the correct preservation of corks, a fundamental element for the storage of fine wine.

  10. Total No Frost_DeoFoto-0335_cmyk.jpg

    Total No Frost

    100% automatic system which eliminates the defrosting operations of the fridge, fresh food and freezer compartments. In addition it enables the temperature to be restored more quickly after opening thanks to the notable speed of freezing.

  11. Ice Maker_DeoFoto-0303_cmyk.jpg

    Ice Maker

    The ice maker is located in the upper part of the TriMode™ drawer. It makes the desired size and quantity of ice cubes using water purified through the integrated filtering system.

  12. SuperIce_DeoFoto-0305.jpg


    By activating the SuperIce™ function you can temporarily increase ice production, from the standard 1 kg of cubes to 1.5 kg.

  13. Dimensione Cubetti_DeoFoto-0303_cmyk.jpg

    Ice Size

    With the Ice Maker menu you can choose the size of the ice cubes produced automatically between large and medium.

  14. Equilance_DeoFoto-0046.jpg


    "A dual-movement hinge, combining technological innovation and design and protected by an international patent, just like all the original Fhiaba solutions. The self-balancing movement ensures stability and resistance for unlimited opening over time, and above all enables the appliance to be built-in."

  15. Autochiusura Soft_DeoFoto-0085_cmyk.jpg

    Soft-closing System

    State-of-the-art mechanisms ensure the slow and silent closing of drawers and doors every time.

  16. Antivibrazioni_DeoFoto-0272_cmyk.jpg


    Vibration protection guaranteed by insulation of the compressors and soft-closing devices installed on all bottle storage shelves.

  17. Display TFT cantina 0T-2.jpg

    Fhiaba TFT Display Full Colour

    The new electronic technology that manages and monitors the entire fridge operation process is simple to use. Fridge, fresh food compartment and drawer temperatures are shown on the digital display, together with date and time displayed by the Real-Time Clock system. The interactive Fhiaba menu allows the user to easily select the many available functions and to customise the functions of the fridge according to their needs.

  18. vacation_DeoFoto-0267_cmyk.jpg


    To limit energy consumption during short holidays, it is recommended to turn on the Vacation function to reduce the operation of the compressor and to optimise storage and energy consumption. The activation period can be selected.

  19. Shopiing_DeoFoto-0545_cmyk.jpg


    By turning on the Shopping function - available in the fridge and the TriMode™ compartments - the fridge can be set to rapidly cool a quantity of food that has just been introduced, which therefore is still at a room temperature.

  20. Ripiani in legno_DeoFoto-0432.jpg

    Natural wood shelves

    The Wine Cellar models come with natural beechwood shelves with secure bottle storage. They can hold different sized bottles, can be completely removed, and come with a soft-closing mechanism to reduce vibrations.

  21. porta a vetri 3 strati_DeoFoto-0501.jpg

    Triple-layer glass door

    The doors of the Wine Cellar models are darkened with tinted glass to protect bottles from the damaging effects of light. Fhiaba wine cellars are the only ones with triple-layer bronze glass doors to ensure maximum protection from UV rays and from sudden changes in the external room temperature.

Models collection

Nominal Width
  • 1 door
  • 1 drawer
  • 3 temperatures
Nominal Width
  • 1 door
  • 1 drawer
  • 2 temperatures
Nominal Width
  • 1 door
  • 1 drawer
  • 2 temperatures
Nominal Width
  • 1 door
  • 1 drawer
  • 3 temperatures
Nominal Width
  • 1 door
  • 1 drawer
  • 3 temperatures
Nominal Width
  • 1 door
  • 1 drawer
  • 3 temperatures
Nominal Width